Thursday, April 19, 2018

Designer Spotlight - Cindy

 Hi everyone! We're back with another Design Team Spotlight Series and we are featuring design team member Cindy Beland from Cindy's Scraptastic Design

Can you tell us a little about yourself?
I am married to my best friend and have two AWESOME kids, daughter Tiffany that is done school and a son Scott that is heading to college in the fall. We also have a dog named Cricut (Yes like the Cricut Machine LOL) and two guinea pigs.
When & how did you first get into crafts (general)?
I have been doing all kinds of crafting my whole life. I always loved coloring and would have coloring contest with my friends in grade school and got an award in grade 8 for being creative!!!

When & how did you first get into card making specifically?
In 2006 was a difficult time in my life. I became a single mom and I saw a Cricut machine on TV and I just had to get one. Crafting always makes me happy!!! In 2011 I started a Blog and then started on a design team and now have grown to be on 4 design teams!! I am enjoying being a part of these amazing teams, it really has become my passion!!!
What is it that you enjoy about card making?
I love the creativity and endless possibilities, always like trying new techniques and creating unique designs.... its a good feeling to see peoples feedback and comments!!!
Do you give your finished cards away or do you keep them for yourself or do you sell them? If you sell them, where can we find them?
For special occasions I make very personal cards for my family and friends, I find they have so much more meaning and I think they really appreciate that. I keep the ones I really like a lot and yes I do sell some to friends and OMG I have bins of them!!!!
What is your style of card making?
Well I always love to make cards that are Cute and that make you smile!!! My style is cartoony and very colorful, I am now giving card classes which starting to push me to try different styles!
What is your favorite media to use in card making?
I love inking, Copic Markers and I have to pop up everything!!! LOL

Besides card making, what other crafting do you do and enjoy?
Basically any type of scrapbooking, I love making decorations for Christmas and I used to paint murals for my kids room and just loved it but they are older now.
Aside from crafting, what other hobbies and things are of interest to you?
Well I LOVE camping in the summer, so boating, kayaking and most of all I enjoy hiking... and my true passion is Formula 1 racing, we go every year now to Montreal for the race!!! OH and BTW I have watched Days of our lives since grade 4 lol!!!
How did you learn to color? Did you take classes, watch videos or are you self taught?
As I mentioned before I always LOVE to color and have been doing it most of my life so I am self taught and I've never taken a class... so a lot of practice!!! yes did watch a few videos but I have my way and it works for me :)
What is your favorite thing to color?
Stamp Anniething images are some of my favorites. With all the style of hair and theme stamps she comes up with! Using colors and blending to make the characters come to life. Stamp Anniething is not only my favorite but also my Son's favorite, when I get new ones he always picks his favorites for his cards (he has them all displayed in his room!) And he is pretty awesome at giving me ideas.
What is your process in designing a card?
I always start with coloring my image, then I go from there and pick my paper, base, card type etc...some people think I am backwards but it works for me!
Do you have any “fail safe” tips you can share?
When I have my classes I tell my girls. Don't compare your work to other peoples, be unique! Don't be afraid to try new things and don't overthink it! Trying little classes lets you see what you like and what you don't so you don't invest too much money in a something you will never use and find the things you will.
What advice would you have to someone just starting out coloring images or card making?
A lot of practice, I find paper quality is a big thing! Find a paper that you like and works good for you, use quality markers and/or crayons ( I use Copics markers for most of the image and Prismacolor pencils for shading). Don't get discouraged, everybody has to start somewhere and I am still learning new techniques all the time!
Tell me something that I may not know about you.
I am usually up at 4 or 5 am and do my best crafting before most people are out of bed! I am Canadian and my family is French and didn't know how to speak much English until I went to grade 4... it was not easy at first!!!
Fun facts 
What is your favorite Stamp Anniething stamp and why?
My favorite stamp is ALL of Them hahaha!!! If I had to choose one it would be "Julie - Enjoy the ride" because my hubby and I enjoy riding together.... I am hoping that Ann comes out with a boy one to go with it :)
What is the ONE crafting tool you find to be a MUST for your crafting arsenal?
I actually opened a store in my house because I need everything!! lol I am over an hour from any decent craft store. It has the basics... and it's for my friends that come to my classes so not an actual store. If I had to pick a few items that would be must haves, a Misty, Big Shot, Copics, my Cricut machine and PAPER!!!! I am totally obsessed with paper. Oh and LOVE my stamps and dies ;)
Where can we find you?

Ok here is my card for today, I used the stamp that I mentioned in my right up
I used Stamp AnnieThing! the "Julie - Enjoy the ride" for the girl and from
Jaded Blossom I used Encouragement for the sentiment, the Rectangle Dies 1 for the base, the Spring Dies 1- Version 2 for the grass and the flower button, the Flag Dies
with the Flag Dies 2 for the banners.
Hope you like my card for today!!! :)


 Supplies I Used for my Card:
Thank you for stopping by and have a GREAT Week!!!! :)


Scrapper69 said...

I really enjoyed reading about you & your start into crafting... It's always nice to learn a little bit about other crafters.... You create such fun adorable designs and I think that's why I keep coming back to your blog... I love cute adorable designs as well.... You color beautifully and Your card is simply adorable! I LOVE the scene with Julie on the bike in the grass! Have a great Day! :)


Unknown said...

I’ve been following your blog since your MCT days. I love your style and you’ve always been one of my favorite card makers. I think your comic coloring is exceptional. I WISH I could color as half that good. Keep up the great work!

CoryHales said...

Wow, how beautiful! Did you work with the heper like to complete this? The structure, views, appearance, everything here is really great to enjoy them further. As well as the approach to this!