Sunday, May 8, 2011

My Pink Stamper Challenge#5

 My Pink Stamper Challenge#5-Any 3-D item or if that is too much of a challenge then add a 3-D iten on your scrapbook page or card!

I made this for my daughter.She has a Hannah Montana room
I used Hannah Montana Cartridge and a little purple paint.Super easy!!!

These are  the murals I painted last year


Jovan said...

I need you to come paint some murals in my daughters room. They look beautiful! The make-up case/Lunch box is so super cute.

Glora said...

Okay, you painted this? No wonder your cards and cakes are works of art, you are an artist in EVERY sense of the word!!!! Hugs- Glora

Glora said...

Oh yes, and I love the coordinating box you made. It is perfect. Hugs- Glora

Unknown said...

OMG! R u kidding me????? LOL too because you were thinking that I did not like this. I had not seen it. You posted so much and I did not know where to look first. I am spending my Saturday morning getting caught up with your blog now. I don't even know what to say about that mural. It is soooo amazing. If I pick you up in Canada will you come to my house and paint one for my Emily???? Please, lol! The little box is so so pretty too. Your little girl is super lucky. Amazing Cindy!

Kim H said...

Stephanie kept telling me to come over and ser the mural you painted! O.M.G.! Girl is there nothing you can't do! I mean, you have to be the most talented & creative person! I want you and a few others to come and move near me! I am serious! You NEVER dissapoint! there is No way I could keep up with yur blog... you are AMAZING at this and getting posts! Cindy ~ seriously I LOVE EVERYTHING YOU DO! WOW! Send some talent my way PLEASE!