Saturday, February 25, 2012

Hi My Friendly Bloggers!
  I hope you are having a good start to your weekend.  I just wanted to share an award that my sweet friend Kate from Scrappers Creative Corner has awarded me.I am truly honored that she chose to give me this award, so thoughtful and super sweet of her.  You should really check out her blog, so creative and tons of inspiration.

Thank you so much Kate for honoring me with this Award
Here are the terms under which this “Green Blend Award” are to be given.
1.  This award is for any co-blogging friend who has helped you develop your blog in any and all ways.
2.  This award is for any co-blogging friend who has cheered you along in your blog building, craft advancing career.
3.  This award is for any co-blogging friend who always stops by and is kind to you. You can count on them to always be one of the great comments at the end of your post.
4.  This award is to be given to 3 to 5 Blends whom you feel meet the listed requirements.
5.  Create a post with the terms of use and publish your Blends of choice.
6.  Blend of choice may copy the award from your blog and proudly post it on theirs.
7.  Blend of choice may continue the kindness by issuing this award to keep the circle forever growing.

I am choosing to pass this award to the following blog...

OMG there is sooo many terrific blogging friends out there,It is so hard to choose
Thank you so much for being so sweet, for your support and your constant inspiration!
Have a great weekend!


jessica said...

Congrats my friend!! You deserve this!! You are an amazing blogging buddy and an inspiration to us all! Congrats!!

Kate said...

Your are an Amazing Blogging Buddy and your Creations inspire me everyday my friend. Congrats and have a wonderful weekend.


Jovan said...

Thanks are one of the sweetest bogging friends!

Jayne said...

Congratulations Cindy.Thank you for being such a great blog friend,so glad our paths crossed.
Jayne x

joni said...

Congrats Cindy!!! You are such an inspiration to me and such a talented spirit and on top of all that, you are so kind and thoughtful!!!! Thanks so much for passing the award along to me!!! I have learned so much from you and am so happy we're friends!!!

GiGi said...

Oh Cindy, Thank you so much my sweet friend! You are such a creative and talented person and it's such an honor to recieve this award from you! Congrats to you as well! Have a great day!

Glora said...

You are SO sweet! Congratulations on this award and thanks for sharing it. I'm always so inspired when I come to your blog!!! Hugs- Glora

Kim H said...

Cindy ~ Congrats on your award! THANK YOU for passing it my way along with these VERY talented women too! Cindy you are so super talented, sweetand supportive! I always enjoy seeing what you create! Thank you!